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Leadership Learning and Talent Development

Talent management is all about getting the right talent on your team, in the right areas. But it is also about developing the talent of the people that you have.

At Learning Ventures, our talent management and development programs help you identify talent in your team and develop strategies to help them meet their full potential and performance.

We have developed, tried, and tested talent development strategies over almost 10 years in learning and development. Backed by research and results, our leadership and talent management will help your organisation, to develop talent development initiatives that will motivate, boost morale, and optimise performance.

What our programs cover:

  • Leadership and Management Development
    The Strength of the Leader

As a leader you can’t practice managing and developing talent the best leaders combine all facets of leadership seamlessly together.

At Learning Ventures, we deeply understand the role of the leader in moving and motivating a team. As a result, our Leadership Booster program develops both managing and optimising your capacity, so you are able to motivate your team.

We have a range of talent development strategies based in connecting people, setting up supportive peer coaching circles in the organisation, recognising the different strengths and interests of the team and more.

Following on, a highly performing team can greatly and positively impact the financial success of the company. So, the effects really carry on.

  • The Future of Talent Development
    The Strength of the Team (and the Leaders of the Future)

As a leader you need to be asking the right questions with your team to start beneficial conversations and stay properly connected. On top of setting clear expectations and targets in these conversations, you need to nurture good performance and talent when you identify it.

While that might sound pretty easy, it actually gets hard when you consider all the other factors at work in the workplace: you’re managing quite a few people, you’re consistently busy and you don’t always see the work that your team does, particularly in the new world of work.

For Leadership Booster and Performance Booster  to be most successful,  we give you the success profiles for effective talent management. Success profiles are a model or blueprint for identifying high achieving individuals in your organisations.

You can also consider enrolling high performing team members that want to improve themselves in our future leaders’ program; #heartLEADER.

  • Continuous Learning and Talent Development
    The Strength of Learning Together

You might have already heard it said before, but it’s true: great leaders are constant learners. Stay ahead of the pack and optimise your team with Learning Ventures Book Club and grow as a team together. The workshop operates monthly, looking at a new specific business topic or issue.

Why Learning Ventures?

We are an innovative learning and development company, with award-winning leadership and management training programs. We have built our learning resources around the theories of collaborative learning circles and the leader’s role as coach. We think differently and challenge our clients to do so too.

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