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At Learning Ventures, we believe in leadership and the power it can have to make a business move.

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Leadership Training & Development Program in Sydney

Our leadership training in Sydney is highly sought for our unwavering focus and dedication to our principles.

Learning Ventures purpose is to impact, develop and coach clients and their people to be successful leaders. Our programs are designed to enhance the skills of leaders at all levels, from team members with high potential through to Emerging leaders, new managers and supervisors.

Our role is to transfer knowledge, skills and ownership for learning and development to clients and participants, so they commit to action. We wish to ensure that the lessons learned from leadership development are passed on to the emerging leaders in business, regardless of the level they’re at. From young leaders and non-mangerial employees to the more experienced senior leaders, the fact is you can never know too much about leading people in business, and we hope to cater to all levels of experience.

Our belief is that successful leaders create sustainable businesses.

Continuous leadership training and development is essential in becoming a great, best practice leader and making the most out of your team. Great leaders know how to engage their team with goals outcomes and targets, recognise potential and strength, and encourage growth and unity across the board. We believe that the future of leadership is in the emerging leaders, new managers and employees with high potential, and we hope to take these talented leaders and turn them into great ones.

We’ve been creating a high performance, collaborative and agile cultures as well as delivering sustained business results that has been fascinating CEOs, executives, leaders and educators since our business began. It’s widely known that leadership is a critical factor in developing a culture that delivers. So why not look into one of our leadership training programs in Sydney today?

It is also known that leadership is critical in ensuring employee engagement and this translates to productivity and profitability. If you’re looking to increase your business’ output and overall profitability, then identifying talent from within your organization is an essential step. In the long run loyalty is a disappearing currency in the modern workplace, but if you identify and retain leaders with high potential, new leaders, young leaders that have a hunger to learn the ropes, then they’ll give you their best – which will in turn guarantee. Business results.


So, what is the secret?

We believe the answer lies in adopting new attitudes, setting up more lines of accountability, encouragement and support, and implementing new habits as an organisation or team. Development of these individuals is vital to the continued success of your organization.

At Learning Ventures, our leadership training programs are curated around these principles in a flexible and versatile approach that can easily be undertaken as a group online over video calls or face to face. The important thing to remember is that they are designed in a way that they can be implemented with your usual working life.

The leadership development training programs cover understanding your role as a leader, developing frontline leadership skills, increasing and embracing accountability in your team, nurturing the potential of future leaders and achieving peak performance from your team. Whether it’s a new member of the leadership team or someone who’s more established in a middle management position we have the tools and resources to make their leadership stand out and make them be the kind of leaders to achieve their own peak performance as well as getting the most out of their teams.

We also provide a monthly book club looking at leadership habits and ad hoc leadership theories.

“Learning together for a brighter, smarter tomorrow”

Leadership Training Programs Sydney

Our people need to use their initiative and go above and beyond their job description.

YES start at the bottom and give everyone development to be a successful as they can be. Give everyone skills in a cost effective way and everyone will feel that they are being developed; they are valued and invested in. They will be engaged and more productive.

Our Leadership Booster suite allows you to upskill your Leaders or HR / L&D professionals to deliver high quality, high impact, leadership development in a cost effective way.

Leadership Training And Development

Gone are workforces where an annual performance review does anything but demotivate. Leaders need to have performance conversations with their team members 365 days per year.

Our most popular Leadership Booster suite is the four performance conversations: the expectations conversation; the nudge conversation; motivating conversations and courageous conversations. With video content, conversation workflows and simple skills development everyone will be conducting regular performance conversations, resulting in more motivated and engaged workforces on a day-to-day basis.

Leadership Training Programs

A collaborative learning circle is an effective peer to peer to peer cohort of people leveraging external learning and their inherent expertise to accelerate and enhance the knowledge, skills and behaviours or all cohort members.
Learning Ventures developed this learning methodology in 2013 and have evolved it since to apply to all their learning programs. Although suitable for an face to face learning cohort it really comes into its own when it is applied to digital face to face learning and virtual teams. The power is in the collective and community knowledge not just an individual.
High Potential Employee Program

In most engagement surveys the major thing that disconnects people is systems and processes that are time consuming, involve rework, not logical and sometimes just stupid. Think purchase orders, travel bookings expense reimbursements, signing up a new customer. Setting up collaborative communities with design thinking and collaboration skills helps find fixes and solutions to these workplace bugs.

Success Profiles Talent Management

The only style for Workforce 2020 and beyond. Seeded in holacracy (structure and discipline to a peer-to-peer workplace), the organisation of the future is more organic than hierarchial, and leadership becomes more egalitarian. Without investment in collaborative leadership skills, behaviours and processes, businesses will retain their closed hierarchical mindsets and lack the capability or freedom to really succeed this will impact innovation, agility, overall business performance.

Learning Ventures are experts in developing collaborative leadership skills. It is embedded in our learning methodology through the collaborative learning circles approach. An approach designed by Learning Ventures.

LX Design

An experience is a much more effective way to learn. Learning Ventures are experts and are part of the International LXD Community.
Click here to see Niels Floor LXD pioneer explain the Learning Experience Design Canvas.
Developing Leadership Talent

In an increasingly complex world, leaders are charged with the responsibility of doing the right thing at the right time in the right way, for themselves, for their people and the organisation.

So many recent events have shown us that this decision-making is not only complex and challenging, but can also have a broader impact beyond just the organisation; in terms of organisational brand, consumers and their loyalty, community trust, and industry benchmarks.

Not only do our leaders nowadays need to be agile, to make quick decisions, with lots of data in a short amount of time, and with sometimes very little brain space to do so; they also need to demonstrate humility and a willingness to learn from the mistakes they invariably make.

A growth mindset is one where leaders believe that everyone has the capacity to learn and grow. It is a belief in continuous learning, for ourselves and for the people we lead.  A growth mindset is how we set up organisations that are sustainable, flexible and agile in this new and complex world of work.

Strategic Leadership Development

Executive coaching can be powerful to really help leaders demonstrate role modelling. Role modelling should not just be for their team members but also for one another. Our strategic workshops, allows for Executives to truly adopt a collaborative approach as they design their future organisation.
Coach in your Pocket is also an ad hoc way leaders can receive quick tips by video and on-call coaching sessions when they face challenges and hurdles. Designed generically around difficult conversations or specifically customised for a project such as a 360 debrief rollout, Coach in your Pocket is an instant way to coach Managers to role model effective behaviours.  Find out more here:- Coach in your Pocket


Emerging Leader Development Program

A learning program in isolation impacts very little.  A learning journey of a number of bite sized activities woven together over time creates a platform where learning and behaviour change becomes easier so the impact is greater.
A learning journey in isolation have very little momentum. BUT a learning journey or pathway that is part of an ecosystem that supports behaviour change has momentum that can shift a culture. Learning Ventures have developed the blueprint to support almost any learning or change initiative that will increase results exponentially.
The learning ecosystem is a series of additional initiatives that support any learning program or change initiative and encourage the development of habits, align learning and leadership development with the Goals and KPI’s of an organisation and anchor any program in “Business as Usual”. The Ecosystem makes behaviour changes and practicing new skills part of what we all do every day. So, when you are asked “how much extra time will this program take” the answer is not much, its all part of normal business as usual.
To find out how a Learning Ventures Learning Ecosystem can accelerate your learning and development initiatives and results contact

What is sustainable business?

When we think of sustainability, we think of reducing our impact and building businesses for the future. While that is very important to keep in mind, it is just one part of three that make a business sustainable. A sustainable business should work with the people, the planet and prosperity, so that others may see it as a business that will still be around for possibly decades to come.

With effective leadership development your people can reflect these “triple bottom line” values. We can instil these values in any program. Its not just a team member and employee; its your high potential talent, all leaders from frontline, superintendent, leading hand or manager. Its never too late to learn new things especially when it comes to developing sustainable organisations.

Increase moral, connectivity and accountability

Leaders across the board, play a critical role being role models. Poor management leads to unclear or misunderstood expectations and lack of accountability which can mean unchecked slips in performance and increased turnover. This is a result of members that do not feel as a valued team member, feeling unappreciated, overwhelmed or confused. The reverse is true too, great leaders save money by having reduced turnover, staff that are more focussed and believe they can trust one another.

The learning development training courses in Learning Ventures allow you to understand what tools and conversations you can have to boost morale and connect with each employee, to understand their goals and keep everyone on the same page. Our courses take the leaders that are emerging, have high potential, or are new and young, and improves on their interpersonal skills to help maximise this potential into an actionable benefit to your organisation. We pride ourselves on helping the new leaders in the business grow and change, taking the next step into leadership with our programs helping to stimulate growth and challenge them going forward.

Creating changes that motivate people focused leadership and empower your staff.

Adopting more sustainable practices is also a good way to get people in the mind that they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Employees don’t just come to work to be paid or be promoted. In fact millennials, who will be 75% of our working population by 2025 need to have meaning and purpose in their world of work in order to be motivated. By focusing their attention on a meaningful purpose that they are proud of, you can create employees that are proud to work there, and so people who work hard to contribute.

These can be simple and small changes that, on top of these benefits, also encourage your team members to connect as a team. Developing the skills of particularly new, young and emerging leaders in terms of connection with their teams is a vital process, as to be an effective leader you must learn to communicate effectively with all members of your team and ensure that each of them feel heard and understood on an equal footing.

Take the leap and learn how you can best power up your team today with our learning development company in Sydney

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If your organisation has room to grow, leadership training and development programs offer a lot of information, support, and resources to optimise your workforce so that it is working at its peak. Every leader is expected in some sense to be a good planner, organiser, motivator, communicator, mentor, and visionary. With that many roles in mind, it is no surprise that the secret behind a great leader is that they are always learning.

Leadership and Development training programs teach new leaders how to develop adaptive leadership capabilities, as well as recognising their leadership strengths and the role they play as a leader. For more experienced leaders, on top of refreshing the leadership essentials, Learning Ventures also informs clients of the latest innovations in business growth and development that are backed by research. At the end of the program, clients can feel confident in how they manage people and the increased productivity in how well their team performs.

The biggest problem that Leadership Training Programs in Sydney  is that while organisations face an uplift in productivity and morale at first, the change doesn’t always last. It is only too easy in terms of human behaviour to fall back into our old ways. Therefore, the best leadership training programs address this for lasting change in the organisation.

At Learning Ventures, we fully understand how crucial it is to take the important steps to ensure enduring change. In this regard, our leadership training programs teach you how to:

  • Purposely reflect on your own and your team’s performance
  • Increase accountability and clearing up expectations
  • Practise mindfulness for good self-awareness and self-management
  • Create learning circles for more effective learning and accelerated skill advancement
  • Open up safe and valuable dialogue
  • Set up goals and incentives to purposely practice new learned habits in the workplace

Therefore, the lessons learned from leadership training will not be soon lost on you, or other leaders on your team.

While there is no qualification needed, these programs are normally geared towards leaders. Any leader in the organisation can participate in leadership development training. We also do have development programs that are available for anyone in the organisation. Our Book Club is a monthly workshop that thoroughly goes over a business topic. While our #heartLEADER program is leadership training in Sydney for future leaders, for high potential employees.

Through all our Leadership Development Training Programs, we cover:

  • Leadership Essentials
  • Optimising Performance
  • Personal Effectiveness as a Leader
  • Managing the challenges of communication and working together as a team
  • Talent identification, management and development
  • Boosting accountability
  • Refining and meeting targets
  • Future leader development

Our Leadership Booster is our most highly sought leadership training programs in Sydney. This program is centred around communication and understanding yourself and your team to best manage them and hit key targets. The program is broken down in four categories, focussed on: frontline leadership skills, performance essentials, your role as leader and ensuring effectiveness in your team.

Our Performance Booster is a supplementary program to our Leadership Booster, dedicated to establishing greater accountability and enforcing habits for lasting change as an organisation. Lastly, our #heartLEADER is dedicated to developing future leader capabilities in your high performing team members.