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who we are

Learning Ventures was established in 2011 with a clear purpose;

to design and deliver high impact leadership and management development programs and organisational development services. 


Learning Ventures’ passion stems from three core beliefs :

  • empowered and collaborative leadership has a profound and positive impact on organisations, individuals and communities
  • learning can and should deliver real business results (including financial and strategic results)
  • our role is to challenge conventional thinking in the learning industry and with our clients



Learning Ventures success is due to our collaborative approach and quality delivery of services via our leadership consultants, sydney. 


Leadership Consultants 


 Reshaping the future of healthcare

Residential aged care providers are entering a new commercial era of growth, and with it, an increase in competition. To enable their leaders to embrace this change, a prominent healthcare provider approached Learning Ventures to explore how to evolve their behavioural systems to match the leadership required in their near future. Learning Ventures, in partnership with the healthcare provider, restructured their leadership pipeline and created a series of Success Profiles with capability frameworks that would provide the strategic HR direction to support the evolving industry. The profiles and framework simplified what was a very complex leadership pipeline and aligned it to the future vision of the organisation. Providing focus and purpose to all HR activities including selection, promotion, development, performance management and workforce planning.


A talent program for Tourism and Hospitality Leaders of the future

Working with the peak industry body representing Australia’s $40 billion tourism export centre, Learning Ventures has collaboratively designed a talent program to accelerate the growth of Tourism and Hospitality Leaders of the future. A virtual leadership development program that consists of collaborative learning circles on critical leadership topics, an industry mentor program, on-the-job individual tasks plus an industry improvement project with real clients. The program is now in its 4th year and has an alumni of over 90 participants. The program received an AITD excellence award for its blended learning approach and focus on talent development.


 The imperative to develop a high performing culture… in a short amount of time!

An international freight and transport company sought Learning Ventures support in developing a high performing organisation in response to its sales and performance targets. With a need to increase gross profit by 17%, in a tight and challenging market, the entire organisation had to shift toward a high performing, hard driving, collaborative mindset. Working with the Executive Team and champions from within the organisation, Learning Ventures designed a set of performance behaviours that everyone could own and demonstrate. These behaviours were supported by the leadership team, a clear and impactful communication plan, a learning and development strategy, and a rewards and recognition program. Using a range of innovative learning approaches, including collaborative learning circles, storytelling, gamification and crowd sourcing, the organisation not only understood the mindset for success, but demonstrated these behaviours every day.

Developing high performing talent, across distance 

A global hospitality organisation sought Learning Ventures expertise in leadership and talent development to accelerate their talent across the Middle East and Africa. With some of their hotels in extremely remote areas (think the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya), the organisation was just unable to provide leadership development in a cost effective and sustainable way. Learning Ventures facilitated our most popular Leadership Booster series, the Performance Essentials Suite, via a virtual platform over the period of 3 months. Head Program Coach and Learning Ventures General Manager: Leila Wearing, remained based in Sydney, Australia for the entire program but her capacity to engage people globally and ensure learning resonated locally shone through. Leila delivered collaborative learning circles on performance conversations directly to each participant where they were; whether that was Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, the Democratic Republic of Congo or Dubai. Not only was the organisation able to fulfil their commitment to providing high quality learning opportunities to their high potential talent, they were also able to develop strong, connected relationships across the network which has sparked further collaboration outside of the learning program. It presented a fabulous opportunity for the participants to expand their own network and learn from people in similar roles across the Middle East and Africa.