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Leadership Development Sydney, Learning Ventures’ passion stems from three core beliefs:


1. Empowered & collaborative leadership has a profound and positive impact on organisations, individuals and communities.

2. Learning can & should deliver real business results (including financial & strategic results).

3.Our role is to challenge conventional thinking in the learning industry and with our clients.

who we are

Learning Ventures – Leadership Development Sydney – was established in 2011 with a clear purpose – to design and deliver high impact leadership and management development programs and organisational development services. We offer corporate leadership programs, corporate coaching training, corporate team building and leadership, corporate leadership and management courses, among others. 

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Leadership Development

what we do

Learning Ventures’ purpose is to impact, develop and coach clients and their people to be successful corporate leaders.

Our role is to transfer knowledge, skills and ownership for learning and development to clients and participants, so they commit to action.

Our belief is that successful leaders create sustainable businesses.



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meet the team

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The Changemakers in Business

Dedicated to Training Leaders

At Learning Ventures, we believe in leadership and the power it can have to make business move.

Our leadership programs in Australia are highly sought for their ability to inspire and help leaders think differently to make and get the most out of their team.

We offer a spread of different corporate leadership programs and services to give you a comprehensive solution to various aspects of your business, for your role as a leader, future leader and a member of a team.

With 40 years of leadership, learning and developing leaders and teams behind us, Learning Ventures is one of the best leadership development companies in Sydney.

Why is it important to continually learn and develop?

While everyone wants to say that they are ‘the best’ and failure is not an option, the greater reality is that we are all human. A leader that can admit to, work on and grow stronger in the things they don’t know is a highly-lucrative asset in any organisation. The best leaders are always learning. A great leader not only looks for opportunities for their own learning but desires and encourages the rest of their team to learn and improve themselves as well.

So, why not give our company a chance and sign up for our corporate leadership and management programs? We’re here to provide your employees the corporate coaching training that you have been looking for.

Why learn at Learning Ventures?

Leadership Consultancy – Learning Ventures is a leadership development consulting firm, and we provide ad hoc corporate leadership coaching and training face to face, over the phone or via video call. For 30 minutes, you can quickly access a leadership coach when you are facing a tough scenario where you need to make a big decision or confront a member of your team about an issue.

Frontline Leadership Skills  – When you have new leaders coming up the ranks, it’s important that they know how previous leaders before them have handled tasks at hand, or have the specialised knowledge about harnessing people in the organisation to make great decisions. Importantly, they need to know how to lead. Therefore, with our Leadership Booster course, our prime focus is developing leadership competencies in new and old leaders.

For leaders that already have some history in the company, they can update themselves with new and researched leadership strategies; so that they can best understand how to communicate efficiently and manage their team. This may also help them identify when and if something at work is not working, and how to change it.

High potential employee program – It is important to nurture and develop talented high performing workers by giving them opportunities to learn and advance themselves further in their careers. Our Future Leaders Program, #heartLEADER is perfect for this. Dedicated to educating millennials, recent graduates and anyone wanting to better themselves.

Organisational development strategy – Our leadership programs not only help participants in developing leadership competencies, but them to think differently with new and research backed ideas. We also take this a step further by helping clients practically implement new organisational development strategies. These strategies help to focus development and with the move to remote and hybrid teams an effective strategy needs to include the new world of work.

Have questions about our corporate leadership and management programs? Read these Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) or simply contact our staff and shoot your queries about our corporate team building and leadership strategies. 


Our corporate leadership programs at Learning Ventures are founded on the belief and proven research that learning together is more effective. Therefore, we centre our organisational development strategy around the collaborative learning circle theory. Additionally, in order to ensure lasting change, we create a learning ecosystem around the program, strategy or initiative to ensure behaviour change.

On top of our philosophy, at Learning Ventures we are different from other organisational leadership programs because of our:

  • A variety of different programs to target corporate leadership and talent management
  • High potential employee programs dedicated to developing leadership competencies in future leaders
  • Leadership and performance optimising programs that are rolled out over a long span of time
  • Boosting connected relationships and proper accountability and support across a remote and hybrid located organisation
  • These corporate coaching and training strategies are customisable to fit the brand of your organisation in terms of look, feel, videos and additional learning materials
  • Including learning and practising leadership and talent management skills at work

Our Leadership Booster is one of the leading leadership programs in Australia. Instead of a workshop, this program is more of a continuous integrated path of learning with a selection of learning over time, ideally every 2-4 weeks. 

This program can be broken down by 4 suites, with 4 different focuses for learning:

  • Developing frontline leadership skills 
  • Optimising performance in your team 
  • Realising your effectiveness as a leader
  • Motivating and challenging your team

Our other programs are targeted at addressing other growing and development needs of an organisation. An example of this is our Future Leaders Program #heartLEADER that helps millennials and other high potential employees learn how they can become the leaders that they want to be.

Learning Ventures are also an award winner for talent development programs.  With AITD Awards in both 2016 & 2019 for vastly different clients, as well as a nomination for the AHRI Innovation Award in 2019,  our programs are recognized as best practice.

Learning Ventures has garnered a great reputation over the years as one of the most innovative and forward-thinking leadership development companies and leadership development consulting firms.

We have won awards for our leadership skills and talent development programs. Our programs cover different focuses and issues of management, such as:

  • Understanding the role of a leader
  • Determining and making the most of your natural style of a leader
  • Building supportive systems to encourage you and keep you in account
  • Motivating and making the most of the talents of your team
  • Talking about expectations and motivations with your team

We also offer additional learning materials to strengthen the foundation of your organisation with our monthly Book Club. In this workshop, participants learn about a specific topic of the workplace in detail. This offers a great opportunity to talk about these processes together with the members of your organisation, so that they are as smooth as possible.

For online study, you need a computer, laptop or ipad. Ensure that your device has a working webcam and microphone to stream yourself visually and via audio. As a part of online study, we host live workshops that require participants to appear online. Also try to make sure that you have a quiet and unbusy location for this. 

We also provide ad hoc leadership development consulting with our Coach in the Pocket service. 

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