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2021 Free Webinars

What is best practice workplace design?

With all the changes of the last year and probably more in the future, how do you design a workforce that easily adapts to all incarnations:- virtual, in person; centralised hub or head office; local hubs and workspaces; workcations;

In our next webinar we will review

  • The pressure on our structures from remote and hybrid teams
  • Options to deliver value
  • Aligning culture and workforce design

Do we need Middle Managers?

Are Middle Managers necessary or superfluous? 

A McKinsey Podcast released this week headlines: “The Vanishing Middle Manager”. This would consolidate best practice which has taught us to be leaner and flatter in our workplace design.

But post 2020, is this still best practice? Since the 1980’s recession many organisations have fattened their ranks in response to growth. Or Boomers just stay longer and organisations struggle to manage their talent pipeline. All this leads to our dilemma.

    How do you retain emerging talent as competition builds?

    As the COVID blur recedes, the economy is looking up and unemployment figures are low, now is the time when competition for talent is hot! We also hear that employees are exhausted; overworked, uncertain and desiring flexibility that may not be so possible.

    It is in this environment that organisations must step up their talent strategy; focusing on engaging and retaining emerging talent.

    Capability Trumps Change Management in the New World

    Build your Capability to Enable Transformation – 5 Success Factors

    We are ALL on a transformation journey. Every organisation is changing daily and needs to digitise whether in administration and process improvement; CX; UX; EX… all the experiences we deliver or we are being disrupted. Our transformation journeys can be both reactive and proactive and our success will be related to our maturity in transformation and our capability.