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At Learning Ventures, we believe in leadership and the power it can have to make a business move.

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Leadership Development Programs in Sydney

Learning Ventures is known for our award-winning leadership development programs in Sydney, nationally or internationally, with several clients extending programs to an international audience. Leadership development is all about developing leadership capabilities, managing your team and performing at your peak as a leader. Like anything else worth learning, developing these leadership skills is not just about training; it is about developing your leaders.

Leaders play an integral part in motivating a team, and as a result, moving business forward. Therefore, an investment in Leadership Development in Sydney or wherever your leaders are based, is never wasted. Developing your teams leadership skills will improve not only their efficiency as leaders but help drive your business to new and exciting levels.

One of our key leadership development program, Leadership Booster, has been created to teach participants frontline leadership skills to manage themselves and their team for the best performance, engagement and productivity. Designed to work with the new digital-focussed landscape, you can easily facilitate and participate online. Alongside our programs, our coaches have a combined 40 years experience around corporate leadership, which means we are very good coaches.

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MAKE YOUR MARK | Leadership Booster

Strategic leadership development is crucial for implementing effective and lasting change.

Five strategic ideas for effective leadership development today are:

  1. Understanding your role as leader of a local, remote or hybrid team
  2. Listening to understand your team, peers or customers’ needs
  3. Creating targets for best outcomes and high performance
  4. Increasing accountability for everyone
  5. Building learning ecosystems that drive great leaders

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Our Leadership Booster contains 40 hours of learning, integrated in a 2-hour sessions every 2-4 weeks. They are designed for 6-8 participants, with four key focuses: leadership essentials, performance essentials, personal effectiveness, and team effectiveness. Each training model for leadership booster has been selected as they are effective and proven methods for skill development. They can be taken in face to face or virtual meetings, allowing everyone to get the benefits of collaborative learning even from home or other remote locations. For unmatched, accelerated leadership development during this troubling time.


Accountability, measuring results and reflection are the crucial elements behind high impact leadership development, as well as implementing any important change. While you may already know that it is easy to listen to motivational material, it is not enough. As our years in learning and development have taught us.

Therefore, in addition to Leadership Booster, we advise our clients to also consider: Performance Booster.

This program is supplementary training for high impact leadership development. It is designed around the essential need for measuring leadership development. Like all goals, it is important to understand what successful leadership and talent development looks like so that you and everyone on your team can know if they are on the right track. In today’s climate high impact performance conversations that drive delivery across face to face, local, remote or hybrid teams is a skill unto itself.

For success in Performance Booster, Learning Ventures presents you the proper leadership assessment and development to give you the tools you need to take ownership of accountability and ensuring change in your team. These tools create high impact leadership teams which can translate into ongoing success of your business driven by the newly developed skills of your leaders.


#heartLEADER is a leadership program for development of high potential millennials, emerging leaders and graduates or anyone who simply want to improve themselves. The emerging leader development program is dedicated to helping future leaders learn the skills needed to become the kind of leaders that they envision themselves to be; empathetic, honest, open, resilient, optimistic, high performing, innovative and courageous. Focussing efforts on high potential leadership development helps ensure strong and able leaders in the future. And this program whilst developed pre COVID was designed for leaders of virtual and high performing remote teams.

This high potential leadership development program perfect for young up and emerging corporate leaders through 22 online learning sprints, missions with 6 coaching circle workshops. Our consultants are also experienced business and corporate leaders in their own right and are great mentors and coaches for up-and-coming leaders.

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The high potential leadership development program caters to building leadership skills, strategies, supportive networks and small habits to both realise yourself as leader and boost the performance capacity of your team. It is a program rolled out over an extended amount of time with 2-hour sessions run every 2-4 weeks. This program can cater to 6-8 individuals, either virtually or face-to-face.

As it is conducted in this way and can be customised to meet the feel and additional teachings of your organisation, the leadership development program will no doubt be valuable for the growing leadership needs of your organisation.

Accelerated leadership development is not the only focus of our programs, neither is high potential leadership development. Instead, Learning Ventures has an array of leadership development programs in Sydney specified to different facets of leadership and team management for targeted learning.

A personal coach is a great way to develop leadership skills, by having a teacher who can customise lessons and their focuses on areas of your management that could use improvement. However, this is also often expensive. Learning Ventures is an organisation that values smart and effective leadership in all businesses, no matter the budget.  Therefore, we offer both an ad hoc coaching service; Coach in Your Pocket, and effective leadership development programs that run on regular intervals to bring you the best of both worlds.

As a result, our coaches can deliver  one-on-one help to address your weaknesses and difficult but necessary confrontations. This helps our clients achieve effective leadership development in their companies. As a result, our expertise in leadership development in Sydney has been highly sought.

Strategic leadership development is all about learning how to work smarter, not harder. In order to do that, you need to be a good listener which means being open to learning and adapting. Our emerging leader development programs; The Leadership Booster and #heartLEADER are targeted to helping participants develop effective leadership strategy and planning, while helping them realise and become the kind of leaders that they want to be.

As a part of the high potential leadership development strategies at your workplace, it is also important to identify talent when you see it so that you can encourage and nurture ambition in your workers so that the whole organisation can grow as a result

When you are looking out for a leadership development program it is important that you ensure that the program has strategies for measuring leadership development in place.

Therefore, leadership assessment and development are a key component for all our programs. We believe proper accountability is essential for real and lasting results.

Next a leadership development program needs to accommodate and drive behaviour change over time, at Learning Ventures the science of brain based habit forming techniques is critical to success and we embed these and other sciences under the surface of our programs to ensure success and Return of Investment

Our facility at Learning Ventures comprises of a team of individuals with a great width and depth of expertise. Therefore, with 40 years in Leadership Development in Sydney you can trust that you are in the right place for strategic leadership development.