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The Competency Capability Conundrum

The competency framework has been around since 1970’s. Designed to help organisations standardise and consistently uplift individual capability and potential they haven’t changed much in 50 years.

Whether customised to your organisation, industry, sector or even as a success profile to a role, competency frameworks are still consistently used for recruitment, succession, development and most other people capability functions.

In 2023, how can we still be using tools that have seen little change

    Accountability is everyone’s business

    Accountability is absolutely vital to our organisation’s success. But it’s getting a bad wrap: In a survey by Anne Loehr…

    • 93% employees don’t understand what their organisations are trying to achieve
    • 80% of people see accountability as punishing

    With that kind of publicity “Accountability” it’s losing “the effectiveness battle”

      Is Poor Retention a Generational Issue?

      No week goes past without a client or potential client lamenting their turnover. According to McKinseys “State of Organisations 2023” report, at least 39% of our people are going to leave in the next 3-6 months. Worse still, it’s likely to be our emerging talent.

      The old ways aren’t working. We can’t change our rewards, we have tried flexible and hybrid work arrangements, wellbeing programs and working on diversity!

      How to Turnaround Unproductive Team Members

      The pandemic has forced major changes in how, when and where we work. Yet according to recent McKinsey research “More than half of employees report being unproductive!!” Employee disengagement and attrition can cost a Fortune 500 company between $228 million and $355 million a year in lost productivity. Ouch!

      Quiet quitters, disruptors or the mildly disengaged will be doing the bare minimum but they are also very likely to demoralise others.

      So, what can we do to turn them around?

      Why leaders accelerate competitive advantage?

      Organisations often announce technological or digital transformations without having the right capabilities to integrate them.

      To achieve competitive advantage we need to build an integrated skill set of people, processes, strategy and structure all laced together with agile leadership. Then and only then will any technology or transformation have impact.  Without leadership the technology transformation falters in unconnected pockets.  With transformative leaders the transformation is maximised and multiplied.