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2019 Free Webinars

Why Won’t People Change?

We all want to be agile organisations; where all our executives, leaders & team members embrace change & disruption with a positive mindset. UTOPIA?

According to BCG companies spend a whopping $10 billion a year on change management and consultancy alone. Then add to that training on knowledge, skills and behaviours. And yet 75% of changes fail to deliver their ROI, often because of the people factor. So why aren’t we all getting the ROI we deserve? But most importantly, WHY WON’T PEOPLE ADAPT AND CHANGE?

    Is the Workshop Still Relevant?

    The science behind learning and why the workshop no longer delivers

    Science has proven time and again that we need certain conditions to remember and change our behaviour. Things such as repeating to remember, spaced learning, and other brain based models are critical to embed knowledge. So then, why do we still design and run 3, 4, 5 day workshops? Are traditional workshops the best approach to building leadership capability?

      Accountability – Art or Science?

      In this Accountability webinar we discuss the link between accountability and managing performance. What is going wrong with it? Why the buck stops with Executives AND finally, the easy solution!

        Learning Experience Design: What is it?

        This free webinar is about practical Learning Experience Design; it’s not just for e-learning.

        In this webinar we discuss;

        • What is LXD
        • How will it change the way we design learning
        • Insights from LXD Amsterdam, which was held in March 2019

        A Case Study: How BEGA Develops Talent

        This free webinar is a case study about how BEGA develops talent.

        Evelyn & Bronwyn Woods (Organisational Development Manager , BEGA Cheese Limited) discuss; How BEGA defines leadership capability? How is talent selected?The ASPIRE talent development program & any questions

        Stop your L & D Budget Being Cut!


        So what budgets do CEO’s cut first?

        • wages
        • marketing
        • learning and development

        Most Managers Can’t Or Won’t Coach

        We speak to hundreds of clients a year about leadership and the top 2 topics are:
        1. Making Managers and Teams Accountable
        2. Improving Coaching Skills

        But sometimes no amount of Leadership Development makes a difference;
        lots of managers just don’t make great coaches.

          Values Based Leadership

          Embracing Change for Good

          With the 4th Royal Commission happening as we speak, Values-Based Leadership is making a resurgence. At the heart of the leadership theory, is how we can translate organisational values from posters on the wall into day-to-day behaviours and actions.
          Join Leila Wearing as she shares some practical advice and case studies on implementing a Values-Based Leadership approach to drive high performance.

            Managing Performance Badly Can Cost $$$

            “Employer pays $200,000 for poorly managed performance improvement plan” (AHRI August 2019)

            There is a better way…

            Managers who seamlessly conduct effective two way performance conversations, whether for expectations, performance that has slipped, or career development will not only keep you out of court but also improve engagement.

              Leadership Development Across Borders

              For a long time now, Learning Ventures has led the way in virtual leadership development; in the space of virtual facilitator-led learning.

              In the past few years, Learning Ventures have extended their reach and now run leadership development programs across Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.

              If you are thinking about virtual facilitation, or would like to enhance your current delivery of virtual leadership development, join Leila as she shares some case studies, tips and considerations for running leadership development across borders.

                Millennial Leadership… it IS different

                “Back in 2018, I took a long walk through Spain as a sabbatical. During my trip there were lots of university students walking too and as a Leadership Consultant I asked them all what style of organisation they would like to work for; what the culture needed to be for them to be loyal (there was so much talk about the short tenure span of millennials) and I also asked them what style of leader they wanted to be.” 

                That walk in Spain prompted a journey for Learning Ventures that has taken the last 12 months & from it has birthed our #heartLEADER program.