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Corporate culture affects Share Prices 

IT’S CONFIRMED!! Corporate culture impacts share price.
Dateline:  Financial Review:  11th January 2018:  ASIC’s culture crackdown alerts boards:
“A crackdown by the corporate regulator on company culture; together with research that shows bad culture hurts the share price of top companies is forcing boards to reassess and introduce culture audits and development.
So why wouldn’t it be our No. 1 strategy?

    Maximise Learning ROI

    Choose The Right Method & Investment To Deliver Your Outcomes!

    Personalised Learning Journeys; Customised, Socialised, E-learning; VR; AR;
    Peer to peer, Microlearning? E-learning is cheaper per head?
    Face to face is more expensive?
    Where is the value?

    There is so much choice and there is a different investment structure for each method.
    How do I decide which method to use to achieve the maximum ROI?

      Setting up virtual teams for success

      Leading high performing virtual teams…
      What does this mean for leadership?
      Now and in the future? 

      With the desire for flexible working arrangements, the benefits of diversity and the roll out of systems like the NBN, virtual teams are becoming more and more a reality.
      So, how can leaders get the best out of these unique team environments?

        Challenges for leadership in 2018

        With over 60 leadership theories in the leadership space, how do you know which one is the best fit for your organisation? From Transformational Leadership, to Situational Leadership, to Emotionally Intelligent Leadership (among many, many others), it is easy to get caught up in the theory of leadership at the expense of practical leadership behaviours.

        And are these theories still relevant today?

          How Taking A Solo Adventure Can Teach Us To Be A Better Leader

          In April 2018, our Managing Director, Evelyn Moolenburgh set out to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

          With only a 9kg backpack, she walked more than 900 kilometres over 38 days. She discovered a lot about herself and gained many insights.

          Join Evelyn as she takes some of her insights and overlays them with current organisational leadership needs. Surprisingly, there is a lot of alignment.

          High Performers – Legends Or Myths?

          The world is accelerating; we all need our people and teams to work harder, smarter and faster. It’s called High Performance. But what really characterises high performers? And are they real or is the whole concept a myth?

          Join Evelyn as she defines high performing organisations and the characteristics of the people in them.

            Great L&D is more than 70:20:10

            The role of Learning & Development is only as good as the knowledge, skill and behaviours that participants embrace. It’s more than 70/20/10 – Its about changing habits.

              How Can You Increase Sales by Changing Mindsets?

              The role of any Learning & Development initiative is to deliver Return On Investment. 

              In a real case study, global logistics company ROHLIG will share how they increased sales by 20% by focusing on mindsets.

                Should Your Leadership Be Disrupted?


                As Organisations And Entire Sectors Face Disruption From Technology, Customer/Client Expectations And Changing Generations, What About Business And Organisational Leadership? Should Learning & Leadership Be Disrupted Too?

                • What Leadership is needed in a disrupted world?
                • What will be successful?
                • What needs to change?
                • How we get there?

                  Leadership Development Barriers to Success

                  Why does leadership development fail?

                  We all want and need our Leaders to lead; to step up; be accountable for the vision and strategy of an organisation; lead people and performance; and embrace our ambiguous world. Global spend on Leadership Development tops $50 billion annually.

                  So why aren’t we all getting the ROI we deserve from that spend? And why do programs fail?