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At Learning Ventures, we believe in leadership and the power it can have to make a business move.

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Leadership Coaching Program

Our executive coaching programs at Learning Ventures are designed to build you up as a leader. By communicating and making the expectations and objectives at work clearer, you can greatly optimise the productivity of your team. While this might sound like a grand promise, small habits can quickly build up to big change. At Learning Ventures, we teach you what habits these are, what they do, and even better we assist you in implementing them with real-world strategies.

With 40 years in Leadership, Learning and Development behind us, as well as several awards, you can trust in our leadership coaching services. This also means our coaching and mentoring programs come with a whole lot of industry experience, regardless of your leadership level or where you aspire to be, one of our team will be able to coach you or your team to success.

Our services are geared towards managing on all levels, with programs and one-on-one assistance for uncommon organisational challenges.

Coaching and Leadership Development services promises to:

  • Increase your self-awareness
  • Discover your personal leadership style
  • Learn how to navigate tricky conversations

Developing Leadership Talent at Regular Intervals

Leadership Booster: The Leadership Booster program is particularly primed for this purpose. Leaders now are faced with more challenges than ever. In addition to managing a team at your workplace, you may also have to manage contractors or subject matter experts that may or may not work in your office. Leadership Booster is focused on developing leadership talent in all our clients, so that work won’t just run smoothly but as efficiently as they possibly can.

  • Becoming a Coach: The facilitators of this program are Booster Coaches. Any leader in your organisation can become a booster coach, after attending and participating in our two day Booster Coach Accreditation Course.

Developing Leadership Talent on Demand

Coach in Your Pocket: These leadership coaching services are geared for one-on-one help. When leaders are facing an issue at their work that they have never faced before, our executive coaching consultant is quickly available to help you get the best outcome. Coach in Your Pocket comes with access to a lot of video tips followed by a 30-minute zoom call, so that you can have all confidence in handling the challenges presented to leaders’ today.

Free Live Webinars | Online Coaching and Leadership Development

Free Webinars: On top of these services, we regularly host FREE 45 min live webinars covering relevant business topics and issues of our times. Giving you practical tools, tips and strategies to adapt your team or business to the current challenges and trends in business. Remember to stay tuned for upcoming topics and register to secure your place. These webinars are hosted by our experienced Executive Coaches and Leadership facilitators with experience on both sides of the learning and development ecosystem. Psychologists, former People and Culture and Organisational Development Leaders and Teachers make up our consultant ranks. We understand organisations.

Why we do Coaching Better | The Learning Ventures Difference

  • Focus on the day to day – Every day is important. While a day may seem like a small amount of time, we believe it is important to focus on making the most out of the day by taking the proper small steps to ensure you arrive at the right place in future.
  • Focus on the big picture – Great leaders have vision; we give you strategies that you can use to implement your vision in small sure steps.
  • Collaborative Learning Circles – People learn better together and when wisdom is shared, our proprietary coaching process facilitates this.
  • Remarkable LX Design – Our quality materials are designed for the best learning experience.

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Yes, we do, our executive coaching programs cover developing leadership talent and providing leadership coaching services.  We have a panel of exceptional psychologists and executive coaches that can deliver both development and remedial coaching.

In addition ad hoc projects can stimulate development in a Leader or team member for a specific challenge.


Yes! We have several coaching courses that develop specific outcomes, leadership coaching services for leaders,  coaching for peers and Executive Coaching for talent in your organization so that they can effectively help leaders overcome challenges,  onboard,  develop team performance or even just be a sounding board. This is an effective way to developing leadership talent with a specialist coaching flair within your talent pool.

These leadership coaching services and the leadership development coaching program follow a variety of coaching models.  The key is that the program accelerates the participants skills as an effective coach rather than teacher, mentor or buddie.  A true coach must be able to source within their coachee the awareness and then options to take the next step or solve the problem.

Yes, you can trust our executive coaching program to be loaded with professional solutions. Our Executive Coaches are very experiences a credentialed Psychologist and Organisational Coaches. Learning Ventures has 40 years of coaching and leadership development behind our name, with a passionate and dedicated team.