Organisation Design as the 2024 key to transformation success. - Learning Ventures

In the era of rapid change and transformation, the conventional playbook is not enough.  To navigate the complexities of today, its imperative to challenge established norms and adopt a fresh approach.

As a seasoned consultant, I firmly believe that successful transformations hinge on one crucial element; organisational design.

Last week at the L & D Summit, lots was talked about networked teams and skills based organisations; there were AI based start-ups who could complete skills audits on your whole organisation at the touch of a button. There are AI based not so start-ups who can complete a strategic workforce plan for your whole sector for the next 10 years.

None of these technology organisations have considered what makes all this data deliver significant competitive advantage. 

Leadership is the linchpin. It is not merely about steering the ship and having the vision for change but also crafting the vessel.  The structure, culture, and processes all need to be facilitated by agile leaders who have the vision to align the new organisation design and the people in it to the common goal.

Conventional thinking often neglects the intricacies of organisation design.  It’s not about hierarchies and reporting lines but about the ecosystem that fosters collaboration, innovation and adaptable and supportive cultures. This requires a deep understanding of an organisations DNA and the people who are that DNA.

In the rapidly evolving landscape which is our world, disrupters, mavericks and forward thinkers will thrive.  These are the leaders and team members we need to make flat structures and loose networks of teams’ work.  We need people as leaders of their own outcomes, with technology only as a tool.

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