Learning Experience Design Sydney Australia

Learning Experience Design (LX design) is the process of creating learning experiences that enable the learner to achieve the desired learning outcome in a human centered and goal oriented way.

Learning Experience Design


LX Design or Learning Experience Design is about learning from the learners perspective. In traditional learning we create learning outcomes from a teacher, instructor or organisations perspective. What do we want a participant to walk away with; to understand; to practice; to identify; to apply; to develop. Then we craft a learning program that will deliver that outcome. BUT there is no guarantee a participant WILL walk away with what we want.

Learning Experience Design is one of the human centred design disciplines: User centred design; Customer centred design and now Learning Experience Design is about putting the learner at the centre of the experience. If we immerse the learner in an experience where they cannot help but reflect and learn, we have achieved our goal.

Learning Experience Design is about creating an emotional hook or trigger that shifts the onus of learning to the participant; when we are human centred it is about a learning experience that anchors the need as well as develops the understanding and skill.

Learning Ventures are part of the International Learning Experience Design Community and actively participate in Conferences and Masterclasses.


Here is Niels Floor, a learning experience design pioneer and created of the learning experience canvas to explain.

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