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In 2013, a client asked Learning Ventures to develop a leadership development program for their geographically dispersed cohort of Hotel General Managers.  The program was to reduce any travel costs to fly participants to a central location for face to face training, however, the proviso was that the learning experience and the success measure of behaviour change to more collaborative leadership styles was not diminished in any way.

 This one request started a journey for Learning Ventures that will now come into its own. The digital face to face learning methodology, drives 80% of our leadership development programs.

It's not e-learning

(also called digital delivery but mostly self directed)

Although we do use e-learning in our programs but that is part of a blended solution.

It's not a webinar

(one to many delivery, and usually one way lecture style)

But we also use webinars, often to bring Managers of participants into the fold. Webinars are one part of the Ecosystem we use to make learning stick. 

It's not any less valuable

and less successful than face to face delivery. 

In fact: our research suggests it has better uptake and recall than full face to face ways of learning.

With this expertise,  we are now happy to share our knowledge with others.

Learning Ventures will help you take your current Face to Face learning and transition it to Digital Face to Face. Join us for 2 x 2 hour digital face to face learning circles with like minded learning & development professionals. In addition, we will add a 60 minute coaching session with our General Manager, Leila Wearing to help you transition your specific program to the new digital mode.

Module 1: Design for Digital face2face (2 hours)

  • Understanding the mode of digital face2face and its challenges
  • Using collaborative learning circles and learning experience design
  • Tips and tools for re-designing for digital face2face
  • Best practice examples

Module 2: Delivery of Digital face2face (2 hours)

  • Understanding the baseline requirements for success
  • Facilitation over the digital platform: Connect human to human
  • Tools & technology to build engagement
  • Best practice example

Module 3: One on One coaching with Leila Wearing (60 minutes)

  • Bespoke one on one coaching session with Leila
  • Focus on one of your F2F programs and how to convert to Digital F2F successfully
  • Real examples and help to make the transition easy
  • You send your leaders guide, run sheet or slides before and then book the coaching session

Leila Wearing | General Manager

Digital F2F Coach

Leila is an experienced Coach and Facilitator of Learning.  A qualified psychologist, Leila has worked on both sides of the Learning & Development Fence. She has many years experience as a Leadership Development Consultant to a variety of organisations,  and is now the Learning Ventures Subject Matter Expert on all things Digital specifically Digital face2face learning.

On the other side of the fence she was the Director of Academie Accor Australia.  Leila first coached leadership development in the Digital face2face space in 2013.  Over 7 years and now 6 technology platforms,  Leila has seen what works and what doesn’t.

She is the International Consultant to the Accor Digital face2face learning strategy;  a Master Coach of the Learning Ventures Collaborative Learning Circles methodology and today she brings all this together for this very special program.

Registrations Close: Monday 13th April 2020

  • Module 1: Wednesday 22nd April 2020 (2 hours)
  • Module 2: Wednesday 6th May 2020 (2 hours)
  • Module 3: Bespoke at your convenience (60 minutes)

Fees:  $1000.00 per person plus GST

Additional one on one coaching: quoted on agreement of scope

To register and book your place contact us now or email: