what we do

We develop leaders and business leadership:

Learning Ventures purpose is to impact, develop and coach clients and their people to be successful leaders.

Our role is to transfer knowledge, skills and ownership for learning and development to clients and participants, so they commit to action.

Our belief is that successful leaders create sustainable businesses.

Creating a high performance, collaborative and agile culture and sustained business results has been fascinating CEO’s, Executives, leaders and educators since business began. What is known is that leadership is a critical factor to develop a culture that will deliver.

What is also known is that leadership is critical to ensure employee engagement and this translates to dollars and cents.

So, what is the secret?

Our people need to use their initiative and go above and beyond their job description.

YES start at the bottom and give everyone development to be a successful as they can be. Give everyone skills in a cost effective way and everyone will feel that they are being developed; they are valued and invested in. They will be engaged and more productive.

Our leadership booster suite allows you to upskill your Leaders or HR / L&D professionals to deliver high quality, high impact, leadership development in a cost effective way.

Gone are workforces where an annual performance review does anything but demotivate. Leaders need to have performance conversations with their team members 365 days per year.

Our most popular Leadership Booster suite is the four performance conversations: the expectations conversation; the nudge conversation; motivating conversations and courageous conversations. With video content, conversation workflows and simple skills development everyone will be conducting regular performance conversations, resulting in more motivated and engaged workforces on a day-to-day basis.

In most engagement surveys the major thing that disconnects people is systems and processes that are time consuming, involve rework, not logical and sometimes just stupid. Think purchase orders, travel bookings expense reimbursements, signing up a new customer. Setting up collaborative communities with design thinking and collaboration skills helps find fixes and solutions to these workplace bugs.

The only style for Workforce 2020 and beyond. Seeded in holacracy (structure and discipline to a peer-to-peer workplace), the organisation of the future is more organic than hierarchial, and leadership becomes more egalitarian. Without investment in collaborative leadership skills, behaviours and processes, businesses will retain their closed hierarchical mindsets and lack the capability or freedom to really succeed this will impact innovation, agility, overall business performance.

Learning Ventures are experts in developing collaborative leadership skills. It is embedded in our learning methodology through the collaborative learning circles approach. An approach designed by Learning Ventures.

In an increasingly complex world, leaders are charged with the responsibility of doing the right thing at the right time in the right way, for themselves, for their people and the organisation.

So many recent events have shown us that this decision-making is not only complex and challenging, but can also have a broader impact beyond just the organisation; in terms of organisational brand, consumers and their loyalty, community trust, and industry benchmarks.

Not only do our leaders nowadays need to be agile, to make quick decisions, with lots of data in a short amount of time, and with sometimes very little brain space to do so; they also need to demonstrate humility and a willingness to learn from the mistakes they invariably make.

A growth mindset is one where leaders believe that everyone has the capacity to learn and grow. It is a belief in continuous learning, for ourselves and for the people we lead.  A growth mindset is how we set up organisations that are sustainable, flexible and agile in this new and complex world of work.

Nothing new here! Executives also need to reduce the trappings of hierarchial power in their leadership styles and embrace coaching and collaborative leadership.

Executive coaching can be powerful to really demonstrate role modelling. Role modelling should not just be for their team members but also for one another. Our strategic workshops, allows for Executives to truly adopt a collaborative approach as they design their future organisation.

Our research is focused on the latest in learning design. We are constantly investigating what we as a business need to do to adapt to the

latest generation and it’s needs or the latest technology and it’s benefits.

Our business is agile and not afraid.

This profession is our passion, our learning culture and research is important to keep us at the forefront of developments in our field and

we are happy to share and innovate to ensure your programs deliver.